Complementary projects

1. Project called.: INVESTMENT PROMOTION OF KATOWICE CITY – IT IS WORTH INVESTING HERE, realized as part of submeasure 1.1.2. RPO of the Silesian Voivodeship.

The project involves promotion of the city’s investment offers by participating in fairs (Expo Reali MIPIM) and organizing promotion campaign with the use of printed materials, the Internet and computer visualizations (3D and 2D – three-dimensional models of the city’s area with its surroundings in visual scale, three-dimensional models for 9 terrains in detailed and Internet scale). The project consists of five following tasks:

  • Task I. Participation in MIPIM fairs in Cannes
  • Task II. Participation in Expo Real fairs in Munich
  • Task III. Visualization of the investment offer
  • Task IV. Internet website
  • Task V. Project-connected advertisement


The above project will contribute to solving the problem of “insufficient use of the investment potential in the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration, especially the city of Katowice”. As a result, the city is expecting to gain at least three big investors within five years from the moment of finishing the project. This would happen by promoting at least nine investment offers at fairs, in the media and Internet.


2. Project called.: HOLDING PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN OF THE BUSSINESS-TOURISM PRODUCT IN KATOWICE, STAGES I AND II realized as part of measure 3.4 of Priority III Tourism RPO WSL 2007-2013. The projects are supposed to contribute to a growth in tourist competition in the region and creating its new tourist-friendly image by stimulating enterprise development, as well as creating and maintaining existing jobs.


  • change in perceiving Katowice by its crucial partners, generating new conferences and congresses for the city and increasing the Polish media’s interest which would result in articles on it;
  • establishing contacts with international meeting-organizers, winning conference inquiries, educating wide fair-related community on conference possibilities of Katowice;
  • gaining the interest of journalists and generating articles on attractive tourist and conference possibilities of Katowice.